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Welcome to my world of cuisine.  Here, i have posted my experimental recipes as well as the ones i learnt  from friends/relatives/media and all of them are tasted n tested. The pictures on this site are all my original ones straight from my camera and shall indicate the source if otherwise. Do explore my blog and please hit that “leave a comment” button and record your thoughts n feedback which would be highly encouraging and motivating for me to post more recipes. Thanks for exploring Azee’s Kitchen and stay tuned for more recipes!!

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Ramadan Mubarak to all of you & welcome to the Celebration of Ramadan :-)

AjvAtr5Q1PR662e2TvZQvdrcf7YTronDNIdAfR-9tuS3The month of Ramadan has approached us again with its mercy and blessings and the festive mood has begun all over the world. The holy month of Ramadan unites all Muslims in fasting, feasting, worship and prayer. It is a time for contemplation, spirituality and brotherhood.

Let’s welcome Ramadan with joy and happiness and Let’s appreciate & welcome the month of Ramadan as a chance for a new start in our lives, as a chance to develop faith and taqwah (consciousness) through our fasting and behavior change.  A month wherein a lot of sharing of food, iftar and suhoor relishment occurs… is a real fun and  joy filled month. Let’s take a quick look at a recipe for an Ideal Ramadan..Take a  glass of care, a plate of love, a spoon of peace, a fork of truth & a bowl of duaas. Mix all this with spices of QURAAN and Enjoy This Meal. RAMADAN MUBARAK!! Exciting recipes for Ramadan follows  in my new domain, so do drop in to check it out!!


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You would have missed some posts here for the past few weeks and this is what i had been busy preparing for you all, yes it’s a brand new domain for Azee’s Kitchen and looking forward to meet you all there henceforth. Stay Tuned 🙂

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Prawns Masala

This is one of my simple recipe for Prawns (Shrimp) Masala with zero oil. It goes great with any rice or rotis and can be quickly made with ease.

Prawns Masala


Just marinate the cleaned and washed prawns with a tsp of chilli  powder, turmeric powder, pepper powder and lil garam masala. Add salt to taste and keep aside for min 30 mins. In a Non Stick pan, add the marinated prawns and 1 cup of water and cook till the water is evaporated and the prawns are cooked for around 10 mins. When the prawns are dry, switch off the stove and serve hot with rice.